Awesome, for those who like it. From my knowledge people experience and enjoy them in different ways and it is not only been worn in BDSM community (Although a lot of latex lovers are into the scene, it is not a requirement.).

First of all, don’t get confused about different materials. Latex is not PVC, plastic, neoprene or spandex. These stuff could is also part of different fetishes and used in bed, but this is quite different to rubber/latex stuff.

Wearing tight latex clothes, It becomes a second skin of your skin. It enhances the feel of your own skin. Every touch of your skin through latex feels… well incredible!

It creates a small film of sweat between the clothes and the skin, which keeps your skin warm and moist and stimulated.

There is a kind of restriction you might feel, due to the tight, full covering . This also depends on material thickness. Thinner latex is less restricting and your skin is more sensitive beeing touched while thicker latex (0.6 mm or more) is less strechable and therefore more restricting and contracting.

What is wearing latex clothing like?
What is wearing latex clothing like?

It’s a matter of personal taste.

Skin tight shiny latex clothes look great. Every curve will be smoothed and on the same time it brings out the shape of the body. I am not going too much into the look, because you probably have seen already on pictures on the internet or even this site.

like to here from people who wear latex under there normal clothes, get in touch with you story.