When I enter the room where you are, it does not take many words. My aura surrounding me and my eyes turned to you silently let you understand which being hides in me!

Your submission requires leadership. My dominance is the gift of guiding you. Dominance does not mean forcing you to kneel down, but to arouse your desire to go down on your knees!

I am a dominatrix of the old school. Respect and loyalty are two values ​​that are my highest priority. Followed by the willless and selfless service for the mistress. If you have these character traits and see them as a matter of course in the bond with your mistress, you will find in me your counterpart!

Through my authentic dominance, I can live in almost all your inclinations. Things that are incompatible with my personality are not implemented by me, because the reality of a session is very important to me!

I also act responsibly in the clinic. As a semi-skilled medical practitioner I perform all applied practices with competent knowledge and according to all rules of hygiene. A clinic treatment takes place at eye level and with mutual trust!

In this sense… Miss Lucy