Leading Designers of Luxury Latex Clothing

Westward Bound is a truly iconic brand and the leading specialists in Latex Desire-Couture. We design high-end latex desire couture and make each garment by hand in the United Kingdom.

Westward Bound 2017
Westward Bound 2017

Our emphasis has been, is and always will be on individual choice and absolute quality fused with timeless style. We are the living embodiment of an adherence to the traditions and philosophies of the “arts and crafts” movement as adapted to fashion.

We exist in stark contrast to the world of crude, modern mass production. The focus is on producing unashamed luxurious and beautiful latex clothing, offering a massive choice of latex dresses, catsuits, corsets, basques, skirts, tops and lingerie in a unique variety of styles, sizes and colour options. All with a strict adherence to fixed delivery dates.

100% Designed and Hand Made in England – Worn Globally.

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