I wear latex not only for shootings but also in private life. I love the feeling of shiny latex on my skin that’s why I do not pretend to be in a shoot, but go in there full and have the most fun.

I always give 100% and try to prepare for a shoot and thus I am a little perfectionist and see everything fits to the smallest detail. That’s why I have of course a large range of various latex outfits that I can also offer for shootings and therefore I still like to do a lot on TFP basis but also for new I am of course always very open.

I also like shoots for latex manufacturers such as amy Gray / Miss Gray Latex Fashion or Dragon Chain – Artist of Costumes Design, that makes me the most fun because you can photograph the great outfits of the designer for her and there in my close circle of friends 2 Very good fetish photographers are present, the quick and easy shooting of the provided clothes is no problem and the pictures can be quickly provided.

Also, I ask for any money but of course it is absolutely great if I may keep the beautiful jewelry from time to time.

Of course, I’m not only in Switzerland for shootings, but in return, a participation in the driving / Umtriebs cost would be good.