I’m Miss Noir, an elegant and sexually dominant Alpha Female and Dominatrix.

Equal parts cruel and captivating my reputation rests on a commitment to power exchange. That means that I usually incorporate elements of either humiliation and/or psychological control when playing with my submissive partners/slaves.

Although I enjoy most aspects of Bdsm, my primary passion is for D/s as the methodical and conscientious takeover of someone’s mind.

The crux of my dominance is mental/emotional control that can (and usual does)extend into the physical.

Mistress Zoe Noir
Mistress Zoe Noir

My favourite disciplinary tool is the cane, but the most effective weapon of control is always the mind.

Although I Do not accept everyone who approaches me (only the polite, well spoken and intelligent) I welcome all experience level from the nervous first timer to the seasoned masochist.

l’m also a latex/leather lingerie fetishist and and have an extended wardrobe that keep constantly updated.

I’m currently accepting new submissive provided our interest aligned and it’s in your best interest to look at my website before you contact me.