How long do you usually wear latex on the average? For today the maximum duration is 4 hours. On average, I wear latex for two hours, it’s enough for me.

I have been always interested in creativity, so I can’t single out one of the most lovely thing, but I’ll try to remember everything I do. I draw sketches with watercolor, I write oil paintings, I sew dresses myself, I sewed toys also, I colorize small sea pebbles, I painted graffiti in the summer, I was engaged in modeling jewelry made of polymer clay. Now I’m interested in make-up, I will go soon to ceramics baking courses. And one of the freshest of my hobbies is gluing latex, so far I have glued two dresses, one apron, one body and a lot of underwear.

Latex came into my life in the winter of 2013, I remember it all started with home photo session, I decided to pamper my husband with selfies in latex catsuit, which our friend left us for overexposure. Then there was another photo session against the background of a sheet, I was in latex male size catsuit, but the size didn’t bother me at all, I just enjoyed it. I didn’t want to become a model, I just did what I like, listened to my heart.

The largest brand in Russia called Rubear.Moscow, they have a very large assortment. is also a Moscow brand, things made by are famous for their accuracy. They make clothes only to order on individual sizes. Also I have clothes from and I am delighted with their sense of style and taste. Brands about whose things I dream and whose design ideas I like insanely is,,,,