Ivy Tenebrae is a bit of a wildcard that refuses to be pigeon-holed. With interests expanding but not restricting to – modeling, cosplay, designing, creating, gaming and all round geekiness.

Her career has taken many directions and exciting journeys. Ivy is an internationally published model has had extensive experience in the alternative scene spanning a good few years, with features in magazines such as Bizarre and more.

She also found an interest in being behind the camera, a lot of her shots are self portraiture work for clients, making Ivy truly versatile when it comes to product promotion.

She is the designer behind Lokis Locker which is a huge passion. This is her outlet to make and create one-off custom pieces which you will never find anywhere else. With many qualifications under her belt, including a graphic design degree, expect to see lots of unique art on pieces in the future.

Another love of Ivy’s is makeup and styling, and she is often asked to do tutorials or for makeup tips. This will be a more integral part of her work now her site is up and running.

She is an avid gamer and loves nothing more than to wind down killing zombies or stealthing it like Solid Snake. You will be invited to join her on her twitch channel on her many escapades into new and retro gaming.

Taking on board all of the above, it was only natural progression that Ivy has more recently been moving towards the field of cosplay which fulfills many of her passions and allows her to fully express her chameleon capabilities.