What did the kinkster tailor say to the kinkster designer? No, that is not a joke – although we are curious what the punchline would be – but rather the beginning of a story.
We are a Czech online store and workshop creating latex apparel of our own design. Since we are both skilled in the craft and consider it our hobby, we can guarantee that each of our items is a hand-crafted gem made with detail and precision in mind.
We participate in getting rid of the stereotypes commonly associated with latex, and to tear down the label of a fetishist material that belongs into dark dungeons and possible certain alternative clubs, but certainly not among decent people, whoever that might be.
We do not perceive latex as a manifestation of a sexual deviation, but as a modern and extravagant material for confident men and women who like to be the centre of attention and wish to spice up their wardrobe with something extraordinary.
Learn more about us at www.hololatex.com

Hugo was born into a family of artisans which partly defined his later career. He became a certified tailor, yet never found satisfaction in making regular apparel and did not think the craft would become his profession. In the following years, he worked outside his field and it seemed that the experience gained in his apprentice years would lie fallow.

Things started changing when Hugo became a member of Hell Studio’s community and started preparing its alternative performances. One time, the crew needed someone to make new props and costumes. Hugo volunteered, filed the rust off his skills and set to work, resulting in original objects made of latex, lights and metal, and a renewed desire to create.

In the years to come, Hugo would carry on working on Hell’s visual concepts, and he eventually started thinking about launching his own brand which would allow him to express himself without limitations. When he discovered Kameko had a similar idea, they decided to start the project together.

Kameko was born into an academic family but her apple somehow landed quite far from the tree. While she was attending grammar school, Kameko found her own personal image, and since she was not satisfied with what the shops had to offer, she began making clothes and accessories of her own.

This new passion made her eventually drop out of grammar school, start attending a textile craft and art school, and launching her own clothing project called Epitaph. During this time, she also became a member of the community around Hell Studio, first as a performer, then as a prop and costume designer.

While she was working for Hell, Kameko met Hugo, and they successfully cooperated on creating the visual concept for Hell Party 2016. This experience birthed the idea of combining their skills and starting an independent latex fashion project.

It soon became clear that launching a brand new greenfield project would be no walk in the park. Hugo had to attend to his regular job, Kameko was finishing her studies, and they could only work in their free time. Yet still, evening after evening, sketch after sketch, and cut after cut, they approached the final concept.

In the spring of 2017, Hololatex started taking shape. Designs were being finalised, first items were being made, and the project’s concept was becoming clear. The goal was to finish everything before the start of the Prague Fetish Weekend alternative festival, and to introduce the project and the first batch of garments and accessories from its workshop during the festival’s Saturday gala.

If you’re curious how it all ended, you can read the very first post on our blog or browse the pictures on Hell Galerie.