Antidote is a new custom latex clothing brand which is designed and handmade in London. Its objective is to create bespoke fetish fantasy costumes that stand out from the crowd and make you look and feel both exceptional and extraordinary!

The company was ultimately born out of frustration of never quite getting the right fit from other well-known latex clothing brands, there was always something that could be improved upon and thus Antidote was born… The ethos is to not make any item using standard sizes but to offer everything on a made to measure service without costing any extra. Antidote was created to make bespoke garments for the individual; not to stock outfits for the masses. It’s all about the vision and the spectacle that ensues; it’s my chance to explore my creativity and the escapism that can bring to both designer and wearer.

Having an avid interest in art and fashion led me into studying Theatre Design at Central St Martins in London and from this course I gained so much interest in how costumes can be more than just clothes; they can create a whole new vision and persona both to an audience and to the person wearing it.

Although Antidote is a relatively new brand, I feel the quality and theatrics of the outfits really standout as being something that’s not just a nice outfit but elevates the wearer into “A whole new you”…

Made from high quality latex and with the upmost skill I can provide a creative outlet for everyone’s fetish fantasy designs where you imagination can just run wild.