It all started with a cap, Yes we made one Military cap, This was fairly successful and so another one was made.

These 2 were then worn to a London Club where several people liked them and asked where we had got them from.  When we explained that they had been made by ourselves most were surprised.

After that night we decided to sell them.  A little later we made 2 more this time in black, the first 2 were in red.  Again we got a good response from them, this time we were still in the que for the cloakroom to hand in our bags and got some nice comments on them. These were again sold after the night as they had served their purpose for the evening.

When these were for sale people were asking if we had them in both a different size and colour.

We then experimented in making a few other accessories only this time instead of taking them with us to various clubs we put them for sale where they were well received and again people wanted them in different colours that we had not made them in.

After several enquiries we got thinking and decided to sell just a few accessories that people seemed to want, the only problem was how to let people choose from the colours that they kept asking for and where to sell them.  At first we decided on a computer site selling just these 8 or so popular items.  Whilst still thinking on ideas we made some skirts and underwear for both men and women, these again sold well.

It was from there that we then decided to make several items of clothing for both men and women.  This has now developed into a full range of Latex clothing and accessories which includes Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Shorts and Jock Straps to name just a few of the many latex items we have designed.